Testimonial101 M Jay The ISTD course was 7 days of very professional and academic experience. The atmosphere of the class was great! Learnt Hiphop, which is a type a dance full of feel, it requires control and explosiveness to coexist, a little like contemporary, and a little feel of funky. Also learnt house and popping. Realised how little I understand Hiphop. BTW (by the way), Samantha, you are an amazing teacher, it’s my honor to be a student of yours.

汨江 ISTD,七天的体验给人感觉很专业,很学院派。课堂气氛很棒,学了lyric Hiphop,一种很有感觉的舞蹈,要求控制力和爆发力并存,有点现代舞范儿,也有点funky感觉。另外还有house、popping。发现自己对Hiphop的了解真是太少了。BTW, Samantha, you are an amazing teacher. It’s my honor to be a student of yours.

Testimonial102Chen Ting  Today is the first day after the end of the ISTD course. I miss our lovely and dedicated teachers. I thank them for transforming me in such a short period of time, allowing me to discover better and more suitable practice methods for myself. It is a pity that the time is short. I look forward to our next meeting!

陈婷  今天是ISTD课程结束的第一天,想念可爱的敬业的老师们,感谢她们在最短的时间里改变了我,让我找到更好更适合我的练习方法,可惜时间太短,刚刚有了状态就结束了,期待下一次见面


Testimonial103Zhang Shuai Never been so happy in a ballet class, within a few days under the patient and attentive guidance of the beloved teachers. Thank you ISTD for giving me such a great opportunity, I’m very happy! I love these teachers.

张帅 从未如此开心的上芭蕾课,短短几天的时间在亲爱的老师们细心耐心的指导下,愉快的找到了用力方式,感谢ISTD给予这么好的机会,太开心太愉快啦!我爱这些老师们



I like Samantha very much, she taught us earnestly. Superb!


Very satisfied with Matthew’s teaching, he was particularly dedicated and hard working. Hoping next time he will correct each student’s movement.


Graham our teacher was very humble, impartial, dedicated, earnest, professional and responsible!