ISTD Summer School 2015 TutorsISTD 2015 暑期精品班导师

Warren Boyce 沃伦 ·博伊斯

Warren BoyceWarren & Kristi Boyce are Great Britain's leading couple in the Professional Ballroom field and are reigning all time record six time champions of both the UK Closed and British National Professional Championships. They had enjoyed an extremely successful career as Amateurs, winning the British National Championship a record six years and one World title. As professionals they have placed in major finals including the British Open in all test dances at the Blackpool Dance Festival and for the last two years have finished fourth in the World ranking list. They are much in demand all over the world entertaining audiences with their fabulous shows and competitive performances.

World winners Warren & Kristi are proud to be the trainers of the Elite Dance Squad based in Nice n Easy Dance Studios Bournemouth and as coaches have already guided their pupils to World, European & UK Championship titles in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. To date they have trained couples winning 20 World Championship titles between them! Warren's parents Glenn & Lynette Boyce were World & European Champions and his son Glenn-Richard Boyce with his partner are reigning World & European Junior Champions.

Warren Boyce、Kristi Boyce是英国职业标准舞领域的第一夫妇,在英国非公开职业锦标赛和国家职业锦标赛中有着连续获得六届冠军的空前记录。作为业余选手,他们的成绩相当骄人,获得过六次英国国家锦标赛冠军和一次世界冠军。他们也曾以专业选手的身份进入过包括黑池舞蹈节全舞种英国公开赛在内的重大决赛,并在过去的两年获得世界第四的排名。凭借精彩的表演和富有竞争力的成绩,他们广受世界观众的欢迎。

世界冠军Warren、Kristi很自豪能成为伯恩茅斯美妙&轻松(Nice n Easy)舞蹈工作室精英舞队的教练,他们曾带领学生进入并获得2009、2010、2011、2012、2013、2014世界、欧洲和英国锦标赛冠军。目前为止,他们已经训练学生获得20次双人舞世界冠军头衔!Warren的父母Glenn Boyce、Lynette Boyce曾是世界和欧洲冠军,他的儿子Glenn-Richard Boyce和其搭档是目前的世界和欧洲青年组冠军。


Simon Cruyws 西蒙·克鲁兹

Simon CruwysAs a Grades and Medals Examiner for the Modern Ballroom and Latin American Faculties, Simon’s early influences came from the competitive world of dance, being fortunate to have gained much of his knowledge from the top coaches of the day and gaining the Closed United Kingdom Professional Ballroom title in 1996.

He was a recipient of the Phyllis Haylor Scholarship and invited member of the Ballroom Teachers Committee. He gained Fellowships in Ballroom and Latin American in 2000 and was elected to the Latin American Faculty in 2001. Simon runs a busy school in Bournemouth with his sister Heidi, catering for all ages and abilities and frequently lectures and adjudicates.


Simon是菲利斯海勒奖学金(Phyllis Haylor Scholarship)得主和标准舞教师委员会的特邀成员。2000年获得了标准舞和拉丁舞高级院士资格,2001年成为拉丁舞系委员。Simon和妹妹Heidi在伯恩茅斯忙于经营一家学校,面向所有年龄段和水平阶层的学生,并频繁亲自授课和裁定。


Cyn Dee Too 朱欣蒂

Cyn Dee TooCyn Dee is trained in classical ballet, modern theatre, jazz dance, National dance, Latin American and contemporary. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London, UK with a Licentiate Teacher of Dancing Diploma in 1996. Recently she was awarded the Fellowship status with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in Modern Theatre. Her dance experience includes performing with Universal Ballet Company from Korea, Hong Kong Academy of Arts Company, dancing Principal roles with Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre in Paquita, Les Sylphide and Les Corsaire, and with The Dance Society of Malaysia in The Slave Princess.

She has choreographed for various performances in London, Moscow, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur, winning the Choreography award in 1996 at the RAD, and the Best Overall Production and Audience Choice Award for Lost in Mind at Short+Sweet Dance Festival held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in 2013.

Currently, she is the Dance Director of Eximius School of Performing Arts, as well as a freelance teacher and choreographer.

Cyn Dee受训于古典芭蕾舞、现代剧场舞、爵士舞、民族舞、拉丁舞和现代舞。1996年,她毕业于英国伦敦皇家舞蹈学院,并获得舞蹈执照教师文凭。近期她被授予英国皇家舞蹈教师协会现代剧场舞高级院士资格。

Cyn Dee有着丰富的舞蹈经验,包括与韩国环球芭蕾舞团、香港艺术学院公司合作的舞蹈表演,与吉隆坡舞蹈剧院合作,在《帕基塔》(Paquita)、《仙女们》(Les Sylphide)和《海盗》(Les Corsaire)中担任重要角色舞蹈,以及与马来西亚舞蹈协会合作,在《奴隶公主》(The Slave Princess)中担任重要角色舞蹈。她曾为伦敦、莫斯科、悉尼和吉隆坡的多项表演编排舞蹈,并于1996年获得了英国皇家舞蹈学院最佳编舞奖,2013年凭借吉隆坡表演艺术中心短+甜(Short+Sweet)舞蹈节中的《迷失》(Lost in Mind)获得历年最佳作品奖和最受观众喜爱奖。

目前,她是卓越表演艺术学院(Eximius School of Performing Arts)的舞蹈总监、自由教师和舞蹈编导。


Vernon Kemp 弗农·坎普

Vernon KempVernon is a Fellow and Senior Examiner in all ISTD Dancesport Faculties and holds an International and British Dance Council Championship adjudicator's licence. He is a regular lecturer at teachers’ congresses in a wide range of genres and has judged throughout the World.

Despite teaching all levels of dancers from beginners to world champions in Central London, Vernon enjoys travelling to other countries to teach, examine and adjudicate. Teachers who have studied for their professional qualifications with him now work in many countries throughout the world.

He is currently  an ISTD Trustee/Council Member and Chairman of the Dancesport Faculties Board and the Modern Ballroom Faculty.

He is also a director of the British Dance Council and a trustee of the Dance Teachers Benevolent Fund.





Alexander Tú  亚历山大·图

Alexander TúAlexander Tú is a choreographer and dancer with over 15 years of experience. He is an ISTD street dance teacher and co-founder of Soul Dance Academy in Vietnam. He was former executive director of Kaba Modern and KM Legacy. He has performed at many prestigious venues throughout the US and has taught hip hop to children.

Alexander received his Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. A project Alexander worked on during his Master’s was building a dance programme and educating children on the importance of physical activities. Alexander now incorporates hip hop dance within his therapy sessions to improve client’s gross/fine motor movements, sequencing/segmentation and balance deficits. He has also been a judge on VTV6’s reality TV show entitled Star Academy/Hoc Vien Ngoi Sao Season 1.

Alexander Tú有着15多年的编舞和舞蹈经验,是英国皇家舞蹈教师协会的街舞老师和越南灵魂舞蹈学院的联合创始人。他曾是Kaba Modern和KM Legacy的前执行董事,也曾在美国许多著名场馆进行表演,并教授孩子嘻哈舞蹈。Alexander拥有职业疗法的硕士学位。硕士学习期间,他研究的一个议题就是如何创立一个舞蹈课程并教育孩子体育活动的重要性。

现在,Alexander在他的治疗课程中融入嘻哈舞蹈来改善客户的整体/精细运动动作、动作顺序/分解动作以及平衡障碍。同时,他还是VTV6真人秀节目《明星学院/Hoc Vien Ngoi Sao第一季》(Star Academy/Hoc Vien Ngoi Sao Season 1)评委。


Samantha Vale 萨曼莎Samantha Vale

Samantha’s classical and theatre dance training began from a young age with the ISTD and she first explored Street Dance when she joined the UK’s first Hip Hop dance crew CULTURE SHOCK in 2001.She then travelled to the USA and trained with CULTURE SHOCK LA and SAN DIEGO to further her development in Street Dance. She is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading Street Dance specialists and has taught and choreographed extensively in the UK and internationally.

Samantha has more than 10 years experience working as a professional dancer and has since moved onto choreography in television, film and theatre. Her versatility as a performer has enabled her to create fresh and vibrant professional work in many genres of dance.

She has played a large part in creating the new ISTD Street Dance and Commercial Hip Hop qualification and has lectured at many ISTD Congresses and teacher training events.

Samantha 从幼年起便在英国皇家舞蹈教师协会 (ISTD) 接受古典舞和剧场舞蹈的训练。2001 年,她加入了英国首个嘻哈舞蹈团体 - 文化冲击 (CULTURE SHOCK),这也是她首次涉足街舞领域。为了在街舞领域更进一步,她前往美国,与洛杉矶和圣地亚哥的“文化冲击”舞蹈团分部进行合练。现在她已经被公认为英国首屈一指的专业街舞舞者之一,并在英国和世界范围内广泛开展教学和舞蹈编排工作。

 Samantha 拥有十多年的专业舞者经验,而现在她已经将重心转向电视、电影和戏剧的舞蹈动作编排。她表演的全面性使她能够为各类舞蹈编排出全新而富有活力的动作。

她在ISTD 街舞和商业嘻哈舞新资格认证的创建过程中扮演了重要角色,并多次在协会大会和教师培训活动中进行演讲。